1. HTC DC-U300 Datenkabel

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    Type of Packaging: bulk
    HTC HTC Qtec G1 Dream Kila Sapphire Pioneer HTC Touch P3450 P3451 Elfin XDA Nova Elfin MDA Touch Epoch HTC Touch Dual P5500 Nike XDA Star Nike MDA Touch Plus Nike HTC Touch Cruise P3650 Polaris HTC Touch Find Apex XDA Orbit 2 Apex HTC Touch Diamond Xda Diamond Xda Ignito MDA compact IV Victor HTC Touch Pro Raphael Xda Diamond Pro Xda Serra Raphael MDA Vario IV Hermann HTC Touch Viva Opal HTC Touch 3G Jade HTC Touch HD Blackstone HTC P6500 Sedna XDA Mantle Sedna HTC P6300 Panda XDA Argon Panda HTC TyTN II P4550 P4551 Kaiser XDA Stellar Kaiser MDA Vario III Kaiser VPA compact V v1615 Kaiser HTC P4350 P4351 Herald XDA Terra Herald HTC P3600 Trinity SPV M700 Trinity HTC P3470 Pharos HTC P3300 Artemis HTC P3301 Cruiser XDA Orbit Cruiser SPV M650 Artemis MDA Compact III Hero G2 HTC P3350 Love HTC TyTN P4500 Mercury XDA Trion Hermes SPV M3100 Hermes MDA Vario II Hermes VPA Compact 3 v1605 Mercury HTC S740 S741 Rose HTC S730 Volans XDA Atmos Volans HTC S710 S711 Vox SPV E650 Vox VDA IV V1415 Vox HTC S620 S621 Excalibur XDA Cosmo Excalibur SPV E600 Excalibur MDA Mail Excalibur HTC MTeoR Breeze HTC S310 Oxygen SPV C100 Oxygen HTC Advantage X7500 Athena HTC Advantage X7510 Athena 1 5 Ameo Athena Magic G2 Touch Diamond2 Snap Touch Pro2 Tattoo Touch2

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